Founder of the new Internet TRON (TRX)
TRON, one of the best performing crypto currencies, managed to remain strong throughout the downward trend. This was achieved through a series of major partnerships with well-known companies, the launch of the main network and the completion of major milestones. The new decentralized market provides a great place for people to share, host, consume, and trade content while performing transactions using local tokens.

Crypto currencies to strengthen in 2019
The ultimate goal of TRON is to create a decentralized Internet where content creators can be directly compensated for by the use and consumption of their content instead of third parties such as Facebook and Youtube. To help speed this up, the company bought BitTorrent and decided to launch the Atlas Project. Operations on the platform take place quickly and instantly, and the network performs 2000 operations per second (TPS).

TRON listed in TRX as publicly traded is currently trading at less than 3 cents (at the peak of the rise of the crypto money market, trading at 30 cents). With the success and growth of the Foundation, experts expect to gain value during the year. TRON (TRX) is a good investment opportunity for experts at the moment.

Payments Giant Ripple (XRP)
Another promising crypto money project is Ripple (XRP), the third most valuable crypto currency after Bitcoin. The project was designed to help cross-border transactions take place instantly and at very cheap prices. In this way, you can easily transfer money without any delay for all non-bank and international bank transfers or for money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

Crypto currencies to strengthen in 2019
Crypto currencies to strengthen in 2019
Just like TRON, Ripple has established strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. This is a movement that triggers a massive acceptance by many people. It also hopes to avoid the SEC’s interference by preventing the ICO from being published. The crypto currency is currently sold at a price of less than 33 cents each. Ripple is trading at over $ 1 in January 2018. According to experts, XRP will provide an excellent conservative crypto presence to add to your investment portfolio, although some other crypto currencies do not have such a large growth potential.


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