Bitcoin ranks 11th in Chinese crypto currency projects


China’s Information and Industry Development Center (CCID) ranks the 11th in the crypto currencies ranking, the highest volume unit in the crypto currencies market.The 13th edition of CCID, which evaluates crypto currencies projects within the scope of basic technology, applicability and creativity, Bitcoin, the highest volume crypto currency in the market, rose to the 11th place on the list.

According to CCID data, the eighth largest crypto currency in the market remained at the top of the EOS ranking, followed by Ethereum and TRON, respectively. In addition, two new projects have been added to the list, Cosmos and Zilliqa, while Cosmos has akıllı created a solution by increasing the amount of transactions per second in blockchains with a new technical vision ”and Zilliqa“ is a new intelligent contract language to prevent security weaknesses. performance. ” Cosmos entered the list 10th, just above Bitcoin, while Zilliqa ranked 24th.


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