Brent oil for $ 58.85 a barrel


Brent oil is traded at $ 58.85 a barrel in international markets.
Barrel price of Brent oil, which reached up to $ 59.58 yesterday, completed the day at $ 59.09. Brent oil per barrel was traded at $ 58.85, down 0.40 percent from the close of 08.17. At the same minutes, the price of West Texas type (WTI) crude oil was $ 53.29 a barrel.

Experts say that despite the expected trade agreement between the US and China, China’s World Trade Organization (WTO)
He said that relations between the two economies will not be back on track in the short term, for reasons such as the fact that he sought $ compensation.

In addition, experts, the global economy will be affected by this conflict, the oil prices in the current horizontal band is expected to cause the record.

Brent oil as a technical resistance of 58.93 and 59.08 dollars range, 58.78 and 58.63 dollars range can be monitored as a support region is expressed.


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