According to the study conducted by UBS and PwC, which is a billionaire business between 1995 and 2014, the most important features of the billionaires are to evaluate the risks correctly, to be curious and resistant.

Here are 8 common features of billionaires according to research

1- People who have succeeded to become billionaires tend to take the risks they can solve. They find smart solutions to reduce risks.

2- They are curious and focused. This curiosity helps them to assess untouched consumer needs.

3- They do not go against difficulties, they work hard and continue with perseverance. Billionaires stand out as serial entrepreneurs.

4- 82 percent of the billionaires evaluated in the study are university graduates. Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is the exception.

5 More than two thirds of billionaires started their first initiative before the age of 40.

6- Almost half have worked in a large company before starting their own initiatives.

7- Billionaires usually do not make their first billions until the age of 40.

8- Financial services are the areas where most billionaires are out. Her technology is following. But the billionaires in technology are getting richer.


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