Here I will explain how to open paypal account.
Firstly open the browser Paypal main site
After that on the right corner there are Sign up . This is Registration page. Push the Sign up.

There are two section on the registration page:
1 ) Buy with Paypal
2) Receive Payments via Paypal
Buy with Paypal
Go to “Get started” in this page.Choose the Country, first name, last name, and enter your e-mail adress and create password.Click “Next”. Open the “Security challenge” , enter the CAPTCHA.Fill out the form in second page;  Date of birth, Nationality, Adress Lines, Choose the Identication Type, City, Province, Postcode, Choose the phone number  type, Activation one touch (One Touch™ lets you speed through checkouts on eligible apps and online stores. As long as you’re using One Touch™, you’ll stay logged in until you decide to turn it off. There’s no need to enter your password every time you shop.) Confirm that you’ve read Paypal User Agreement and click Agree and Create Account.

2)Receive Payment With Paypal
Go to “ Get started” on this page after new page enter your e-mail adress. Open new page “ Sign up for Business account “ . Fill out in this page; create password, first name, last name, business name, business phone, adress line ( optional), postal code, choose the primary currency. Confirm that you’ve read Paypal user agreement and click Agree and Continue.
Business information choose the Business type ; Individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, private company, public company, non-profit organisation, government entity . fill out the form second page and Continue.
In third page provide information about company holder’s information fill out all the graps and Submit is ready your account.


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