India lost contact with Chandrayaan 2’s Moon landing module


India, which aims to be the fourth country landing on the moon, experienced a great misfortune in the last moments of its historical mission. Communication with India’s spacecraft Vikram was lost shortly before the satellite surface.
No one was interested again after landing on the moon, the moon of our planet, at the beginning of the space race. Now, the satellite almost became valuable again. While US President Donald Trump wanted to go to the Moon again, China sent his own vehicles.

In order to be the fourth country with a soft landing on the moon, the work of other countries continues. It was a failed project because Israel’s box satellite crashed. India was quite confident. The Southeast Asian country aimed to be the first country to succeed in launching a vehicle to the south pole of the Moon.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India’s space mission center, sent the Chadrayaan-2 vehicle for this purpose. The country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, came to the Satish Dhawan Space Center to watch the landing of the module Vikram.

Afterwards, it was announced that the Vikram landing device moved up to 2.1 kilometers as planned and envisaged, and then the connection between the vehicle and the ground station was lost. Indian authorities are currently reviewing data from the vehicle.

Prime Minister Modi said on the subject, “Be brave. What we have achieved is not a small thing. I wish you all the best. ”

Sivan did not explain when ISRO would give a certain information about Vikram. According to the information from the last maneuver, the vehicle sent information about 330 meters to the last Moon surface. The vehicle was deviated by 600 meters from the last news.

I India is proud of its scientists, Mod Modi said on Twitter. They did the best they could and always made India proud. These moments require us to be brave and we will be brave! ” He said they would keep their hopes and continue to work hard on space programs.


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