Pakistan reacts to India’s statement “we will cut water”


Faisal, describing the statements and attempts to stop the flow of the rivers as sorum irresponsibility,, said, sular The waters of the three rivers that feed the Indus River are Pakistan’s right according to the Indus Waters Treaty. will be responded by. ” he said.

Faisal noted that Modi’s statements threaten peace in South Asia. “This step is a second step that reveals the irresponsibility of the Indian government after the blockade of millions of people in Kashmir. He said.

Another statement that the flow of three Indian-controlled rivers flowing from the two countries-controlled Kashmir to the Indus River will be cut, was made by Indian Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari in February.

Gadkari noted that the construction of a dam in the region and the waters of the three rivers will be collected here, and that the river beds will be changed and reserve areas will be created to stop the flow to Pakistan.

Under the Indus Waters Agreement signed in 1960 under the World Bank guarantee between Pakistan and India, control of the Beas, Ravi and Sutlej rivers from six rivers feeding the Indus River was given to India.

As the rivers given to India fed Indus more, Pakistan was granted rights on these rivers. India’s energy production, agriculture and fisheries rights were added to the agreement.

Pakistan recently filed a complaint with the World Bank last year for dam projects that blocked India’s water flow, which had to share some of the water flowing from these three rivers.

The guarantor of the agreement World Bank meetings in Washington in May with officials of the two countries, ended without a decision.


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