The former president of the United States bombed Obama


Former US President Barack Obama called on Americans to reject leaders who normalize racism and nurture hatred.

Obama’s comment, which is not named in his critics, came after US President Donald Trump opposed criticism that his discourse on immigrants fostered violence.

Obama, who has so far refrained from making a statement about Trump’s controversial rhetoric, said, “Demonizing people who don’t look like us, implying that other people, including immigrants, are threatening our lifestyle, calling some people ‘subhuman’, or calling America just some people. We have to reject the leaders who see it, “he added.” Such a thing has no place in our politics and public life. It is time for the well-meaning Americans, the majority of all religions, races and political parties, to say this in a clear, indisputable way. ”

In a speech Monday, Trump condemned those who defended hatred and the superiority of whites.

31 people were killed in two armed attacks in the United States in Texas and Ohio on Saturday.

During his presidency, Obama made attempts to restrict arms sales but failed.

In an interview with the BBC in 2015, he said that his failure to pass “reasonable arms control laws” was his biggest disappointment during his presidency.


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