The number of coronavirus cases worldwide exceeded 8.5 million


As China published the genome sequencing data of the increased coronavirus in Beijing in recent days, officials said they have identified a European genome type based on pioneering studies.

While the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 8.5 million worldwide, the number of people who died due to coronavirus increased to 452,992.

Coronavirus yesterday, 21 people lost their lives in Turkey, was the number of new cases detected 1,304. According to the statement made by Twitter, Minister Fahrettin Koca last night, the number of patients recovering yesterday was 1,382.


* The UK government has announced that it will switch to Apple AAPL.O and Google GOOGL.O model for COVID-19 test and tracking application.

* Russia has revised the number of healthcare workers who lost their lives due to COVID-19 and announced approximately 500.

* According to the data of the Robert Koch Institute, the number of coronavirus cases confirmed in Germany increased by 770 to 188,534.


* Record daily coronavirus cases were reported in at least six states in the US, while California, North Carolina, and many US cities ordered or called for mask use yesterday to limit increasing coronavirus cases.

* The Ministry of Health of Mexico announced that the number of coronavirus cases increased by 5,662 to 165,445 and the number of people who lost their lives increased by 667 to 19,747.

* New York Governor Andrew Cuomo harshly criticized the federal government’s process of managing the epidemic and said it was considering quarantine those from Florida.


* While Japan has removed all restrictions on coronavirus for travel within the country, prime minister Shinzo Abe called for people to go on a trip or take part in concerts and other events to help the country’s economy recover from the epidemic.

* The Chinese National Health Commission announced that by the end of June 18, 32 new coronavirus cases, 25 of which were in the capital Beijing, were announced in China.


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