Tom LEE is in Istanbul for “Block Chain Economy 2020 Önce!


Crypto currency with investors and communities in Turkey for the first time, only coming together in Tom Lee’s Blockcha the first conference in February 2020 confirmed participation for the Economy. Famous Wall Street analyst Tom LEE will be the keynote speaker at the second largest crypto currency conference in MENA and the Eurasian region in February 2020 in Istanbul.

Mena and Turkey all the money on behalf of the crypto community in the Eurasian region continues to be an attractive meeting place. Therefore, with a broader participation from the countries in the region, the conference, where investors, experts, publishers and entrepreneurs can freely share their experiences with various events, will discuss all aspects of the future of the crypto currency world in early 2020 and beyond. The topics of the 2020 conference will include blockchain technology and crypto money, as well as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology and Big Data.

Early ticket sales for the conference, which will include more than 3,000 participants from 60 countries, have started. Advantageous ticket sales will continue until 1 September, after which participants will be able to participate with regular period tickets. In addition, there are two types of tickets for the 2020 conference; In addition to the “standard” ticket that will participate in all sessions for two days, participants can purchase a “visitor” ticket to network with various blockchain-based companies and their representatives at the exhibition grounds.


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