Trump : “He’s not violating”.


US President Donald Trump said North Korea’s missile trials did not violate the agreement signed in Singapore.


Commenting on his social media account, US President Donald Trump said, den Kim Jong Un and North Korea have tested 3 short-range missiles from the past few days. These missile trials do not violate the agreement signed in Singapore or the short-range missile negotiations on which we shake hands. There may be a violation of the United Nations (UN) ”.

‘Who does not want to bring me down to the imagination’

“President Kim doesn’t want to disappoint me with a breach of trust, Tr Trump said, noting that North Korea, led by Kim Jong Un, would have unlimited gains in cooperation with the United States. “President Kim has a tremendous and beautiful vision for his country, and only the US, of whom I am president, can make that vision a reality. He’s going to do it because he’s smart enough to avoid it. And his friend will not disappoint President Trump..


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