Tunisian President es-Sibsi is dead.


Tunisian President Baci Kaid es-Sibsi (93), died in hospital in the capital Tunis.

In a written statement from the Presidency, Sibsi’nin hospitalized at night, said he lost his life.

Sibsi had been hospitalized three times over the past month due to poor health.

Politician who witnessed every period of Tunisia
Sibsi was born in 1926 in the village of Sidi Busaid, where wealthy families of the capital Tunis lived.

Young Sibsi, who participated in active politics in the period when her country was a French colony, took part in the independence movement in Tunisia.

After studying law in France, Sibsi joined the Tunisian Bar Association in 1952 and became a lawyer.

Sibsi, who also served as the adviser to Tunisian independence leader Habib Bourguiba, held a number of high-level positions such as the Ministry of the Interior (1965-1969), the Ministry of Defense (1969-70) and the Embassy of Paris after his country gained independence from France in 1956.

After his disagreement with Bourguiba, Sibsi withdrew from active political life for a while and returned to the government in 1981-1986.

During the period of the Foreign Ministry, Israeli air forces, Palestine Liberation Organization’s camps in Tunisia, the air raids caused a debate.

After the reign of Zeynel Abidin bin Ali in Tunisia, Sibsi joined the new administration and served as the Speaker of the German Embassy in 1990-1991.



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