Two new missile trials from North Korea


South Korea’s Chief of General Staff, North Korea has announced two new ballistic missile trials. The missiles were fired from the east coast of North Korea and after staying in the air for 250 kilometers said to fall into the sea. Pyongyang’dan South Korean General Staff who wanted to end the missile trials, said the trials did not serve to reduce the tension in the Korean Peninsula.

Missiles were launched from the city of Vonsan against the morning. North Korea launched two short-range missiles from the same city on Thursday (July 25th). Pyongyang announced that they had “warned” South Korea, which was preparing to conduct military exercises with the United States in August. Each year’s exercise attracts North Korea’s reaction. The US has 30,000 troops stationed in South Korea.

Does North Korea also try long-range missiles?

Security thinker Harry Kazianis of the Washington-based think tank Center for the National Interest said that North Korea should be expected to make further missile trials until the exercise takes place. Kazianis said that unless the exercise was canceled, Pyongyang would also want to show its military capacity and escalate the tension. The main problem, Kazianis said, is whether North Korean President Kim Jong Un will try a long-range missile that can reach the US land area.

US President Donald Trump commented after a missile attempt on July 25th that this was not a warning to his country and was part of the problem between the two Koreas. This comment by Trump was criticized by South Korea. The Korean Times wrote that Trump would not interfere with North Korea’s short-range missile trials because it did not threaten his country.

Trump’s statements consistently state that he has good relations with Kim. Trump and Kim met at the end of June in the disarmed region between the two Koreas. The two leaders agreed to start negotiations for the de-nuclearization of North Korea.


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